Stone Age Rage

The PIt and the People

Session on 12/5/16

Berga and Ivar speak with "The People's" Ancestor-Speakers who inform Berga that the crown she wears was made before "The People" were able to come into existence. That is like what the Ancestor-Speakers use, but not completely. Berga and Ivar get permission to take some of the unusable magic essence from the island, since the Ancestor-speakers said they will have to "Sail away on a great boat when the great tide of magic comes."…and not all of the magic they have on the island is necessary for that. Ivar and Berga trek up to the strange pool at the top of the mountain in the center of the island. There they find the strange hair weaver. A Giant Spider with human hands. It stretches Berga's hair from her head to make a strange garment with ethereal silk from it's abdomen. It does the same with Ivar's eye lashes. Ivar later dives into the water, attempting to reach the magic forming a waterfall from the side of the cliff. The magical gushing tide is the only thing keeping him from reaching it. After exhausting himself, Berga almost drowns herself in an attempt herself. 

While Berga and Ivar spend the day on the strange island, Tala, Ect-tu and Umog make their way to the Great Tree of the Clever People to find the ripe Pit of the Fall season.  The closer Umog gets to the Great Tree, the more often he slips into a trance. Led less and less by Umog, Ect-tu takes control of navigating through the increasingly swampy environment.  Ect-tu catches signs of humans near by Tala notices a small child of the Clever People and with him, they travel the rest of the way to the Great Tree. There, they meet the cantankerous Pit Master. She shows them the ripe Pit-fruit and goads Tala into hauling her into the knothole of the Great Tree. After Tala gathers the ripe fruit, the Pit Master invites her to partake of some of it. Having smoked the Pit with the Pitmaster, Tala feels the urge to yell, or howl. As she does, she feels her spirit leave her body and chase through the wild for her wolf-kin. Her wild wolf follower joins her spirit and along the way, they gather Ect-tu and Umog who were waiting with the strange "deer child" at the base of the Great Tree.  Hurtling through the land at the speed of sound, they Join Berga and Ivar on the Island of "The People." There Berga and Ivar confirm this sort of magic must be the Pit's doing.

Once reunited, Ect-tu attempts to transform into a river snake to subvert the gushing tide. With a little luck and the appropriate form, Ect-tu reaches the source of the water power and plucks it out. The Serpent arises from the source of power and begins to scold Ivar. "I've waited a thousand years!" He hisses. Ivar and the Serpent exchange barbs, with the Serpent wanting Ivar to use the water power to summon some of the Serpent's people from his world to this one and Ivar wanting more power for himself. Ect-tu suggests that perhaps they should each try a "half-now and half-later approach." Somehow the Serpent and Ivar come to an agreement, with the Great Serpent giving Ivar "Half of his own spirit" as collateral in return for using the water essence to save the Serpent's people. Ivar's body receives a blast of water as the Serpent's people start to emerge from the depths of the pool…

The Party gains 800 XP for Roleplaying and influencing World Changing Events. 

As long as Ivar keeps the Snake's Spirit contained, Ivar has a new ability. Spirit Venom: As an action, you can command the Serpent's ethereal form to strike an opponent within 30ft. Target must make a Constitution save or take or take 6d6 poison damage and be poisoned for 1d3 rounds. A successful Constitution save takes 3d6 poison damage and avoids being poisoned. You can use this ability again after a long rest. Each time Ivar uses this ability, roll a d20, on a 1, the Serpent's Spirit escapes….

Tala's experience with the Pit has granted her new abilities. The Howl of the Pack: As a bonus action, Tala can throw her head back and howl or yell. When she does this, she can appear standing beside any ally she can see and has a reasonably unobstructed path to. Likewise, she can call any ally she can see and has a reasonably unobstructed path to appear standing next to her. She can use this ability again after a short rest. This ability requires attunement. 


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